Sheep Beef & Mixed Farming

Need to know the best combination of sheep, beef, cash cropping and contract grazing? Or, in times of low dairy payouts, at what point is bull beef production more profitable than milk production taking into account the sunk capital investment in dairy production?

GSL, being an optimising model, is able to model for profit maximization from the farming resource through a mix of farm outputs and supplementary inputs such as nitrogen, bought in feeds and irrigation.

Its layered modeling structure enables the introduction of different forms of production to be introduced in to the model to maximise profitability utilising the unique resources that may be applicable to an individual farm business.

Exactly the same inputs of land area, pasture growth, production objectives and input costs and livestock sale prices are required for each layer as is required for the simple farm models. The multi production model is run as an integrated system and the most profitable mix of outputs is identified along with management detail which included the timing of operational activities, fortnightly feeding and livestock weight objectives, plus the annual livestock sales management plan is produced in the form of an annual farm business management plan.

In instances where irrigation water is a constraint, the cost and availability of water can be included in the model to identify which production form will provide the maximum profit from this scarce resource.