GSL – Grazing Systems Ltd

GSL has produced software that is able to analyse the complex relationships of profitable livestock production system.

GSL software produces actionable management plans to maximise profitability from available farm resources.

Using this software, farm advisors, accountants, bankers and individual farmers can produce farm management operating plans to maximize profitability from defined farming inputs:

  •  Energy inputs – pasture growth rates (kg/dm/day), pasture covers (kg/dm/ha), feed quality (mjme)
  • Animal performance – livestock growth rates (kg/day), milk production (kg/day), flock or herd productivity
  •  Supplementation – alternative feeds, fertilisers and crops (price/kg/dm)
  • Operational – Target calving, lambing, drying off, sale and purchase, key activities timeline.
  • Profitability – Overall contribution, marginal contribution, cash flow budget.

Put aside previous perceptions about computer programs. GSL introduces specialist analytical software to report how to optimise the use of farm resources.

GSL diagnostic breaks the mould by being

  •  useful
  • rapid and easy to use plus
  •  uses clever processes to allow integrated comparisons of $ results
  •  motivates new understanding, ideas and innovation.


1) Establishes current level and use of resources within program.

2) Diagnostic procedure identifies opportunities and constraints.

3) Future resource options can be investigated at will.

4) Sensitivity and risk analysis for defined resources and integration completed.

5) Preferred option forms the template to both monitor and review strategies and inputs as future events change management priorities.

Data Entry:

By unique graphical/mouse aided method with default settings ensuring rapid set-up even where little specific data is available.


1) Uses a technique that enables integration of related resources to provide an “optimal” combination based on relationships and $ result.

2) Employs techniques that allow substitution of resources depending on response to change in the overall system.

3) (Almost) infinite ability to modify each part of each production function.

4) Can be set to maximize profit or minimize cost.

5) Set-up time for typical farm is short and requires minimal data.

6) Rapid analysis of options allows a wide range of possible outcomes.

7) Outcomes often expand current perceptions.


1) Summary of Income less Costs to provide a $ value for each option.

2) Include all feed and animal input, output and resource use data.

3) Graphical summaries ensure rapid evaluation of each analysis or model run.

The GSL diagnostic process is a very different innovation that takes business analysis to new levels and more profitable results.