GSL Consultancy Services

  1. Objective:  To provide analysis of individual farms showing the best mix of farm resources to be applied for an optimal production systems strategy.
    Outcome:  A report listing a range of farming scenarios showing outcomes resulting from the utilisation of the base farm resources with the application of selected input and output constraints but solving for a targeted objective function be it maximum profit, minimum N excreted or maximum physical production.
  2. Objective:  To change farm management thinking from input/output (accountancy/finance) driven models to optimisation models (of all resources) where the new concept shows the maximum production obtainable utilising all resources (physical and financial) for maximum profit or any other objective that can be quantified such as minimum N leach.
    Outcome:  An optimisation model introduces the concept of MC

Potential Users and Beneficiaries of Farm Systems Modelling

  1. Farm businesses seeking profit improvement.
  2. Farming industry decision makers
  3. Regional authorities managing environmental issues
  4. Government Ministries managing the nations resources

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